Get Rid of Hazardous Trees on Your Property

Choose a trusted tree removal company in Alden, Batavia, Chaffee or Buffalo, NY

Dragging out your old chainsaw to tackle that tree removal yourself could be more than time-consuming-it could lead to injury. When you need to get rid of a potentially dangerous tree on your Alden, Batavia, Chaffee or Buffalo, NY property, turn to an experienced tree removal company.

The Tree Care Of New York team uses state-of-the-art equipment to remove trees of any size safely. We'll also clean up afterwards so you won't be left with a mess.

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5 signs you need to get a tree removed

You should contact a tree removal company right away if your tree:

  1. Has dead or dying branches.
  2. Has mold or fungal growth on its trunk.
  3. Shows signs of rot or disease.
  4. Is infested with insects.
  5. Is leaning over your home or business facility.






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