Say "So Long" to That Stubborn Stump

Rely on us for stump removal services in Alden, Batavia, Chaffee & Buffalo, NY

Your tree removal isn't complete without stump removal services. Depend on the Tree Care Of New York crew for thorough stump grinding services in the Alden, Batavia, Chaffee & Buffalo, NY area. Using our specialized equipment, we can remove every trace of your stubborn stump. We'll also clean up afterward, and can replant or reseed your property if you so desire.

Reach out to us today to schedule stump grinding services.

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How can stump removal enhance your property?

Hiring a professional for stump grinding services can:

  • Improve the appearance of your lawn by removing eyesores that distract from your landscaping.
  • Eliminate pests, since stumps can be a breeding ground for ants, termites and beetles.
  • Increase your safety by removing tripping hazards that get in the way of mowing your lawn.






Get stump removal services at your home or commercial property in the Alden, Batavia, Chaffee or Buffalo, NY area. Call 716-681-1414 now.